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Here are some of the wonderful Testimonials I have received

"Nellie, I have come to you many, many times over the years for counseling and for help of a spiritual nature. The frequency of my visits have now given way to fewer sessions as I have been led to a deeper understanding of myself and my life. You always said that what you did was a "peeling away of the layers" obscuring the light that is my true and eternal essence. With the addition of the work we have done on A Course in Miracles and the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying I am now at a place of peace and contentment. This is a lifelong practice and one that needs constant attention. When I feel "stuck" or dispirited I reboot at one of your renewing retreats and, occasionally, give myself the gift of an additional private session with you. You have truly changed my life and the Buddha might say (NOT)......that's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! "

Nellie is an inspired and gifted teacher. Her daylong course on The Course in Miracles and the Heart Sutra was a wonderful opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the Course, Budhism and my own classrooms. And when she chants, I am WITH love.
Rhonda, Arlington, VA

I was invited to an evening with Nellie by my friend and CPA. I had never been to a spiritual retreat and I had never meditated. Being a Christian in the traditional sense, I was a little uneasy about being introduced to Eastern spiritual ideals such as Buddhism because I felt that I was betraying my beliefs. When Nellie walked in, I was blown away by her "huge" personality and bold laugh. I knew immediately that she had true joy which only comes from within. I watched her intently that evening as she interacted with the others, spoke to us about her journey to India, and led us in prayer and meditation. Her compassion and love for others was expressed openly and proudly. When the evening ended, I was overwhelmed and speechless because I had never been able to quiet my mind and I have never felt that peaceful in my entire life. I felt as though I had been holding onto a gift my whole life and Nellie gave me permission to open it.

I hosted a retreat a few months later titled, "Forgiveness: An Introduction to A Course in Miracles" led by Nellie. This time I was in awe of her passion, intelligence and depth of knowledge. I loved that she paralleled Jesus' teaching with the Buddha's. I love that she absolutely believes in Jesus. I love that she is not afraid to ask the hard questions or challenge our thinking. I have much to learn but with a passionate and loving teacher like Nellie, I am already blessed and up for the challenge!
Cathy H., Severna Park, MD

a spiritual teacher on the leading edge, Nellie ushered me into a new dimension of consciousness
AB, Annapolis, MD

Nellie has a gift that most people would say is amazing. She has the ability to look right into your soul and kiss your wounds. She uses a beautiful mix of religion and psychology to address your challenges. Time spent with Nellies is therapeutic, insightful, healing and relaxing. If you are lucky enough to be in her company open your heart and listen. She is wise and compassionate. The world needs more Nellies, she is one special lady!
NR, Severna Park, MD

My work with Nellie has spanned several years and has been the most powerful healing and teaching I have ever experienced. During guided sessions with Nellie, I have explored depths of my being that previously caused me to remain "stuck." This guided meditative and contemplative work has opened healing space which has provided peace, understanding, and momentum to move forward , in the present moment, with compassion for myself and others in my world. An example of the lasting benefit I experienced is my ongoing ability to return to one very deep and special meditative state I reached under Nellie's skillful guidance . This one experience continues to support me during stressful and uncertain moments and to remember who I am. Nellie is a remarkable gift to all who are open and at a point of readiness to accept their ability to enact real shifts in their lives. As the Buddhist statement says, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
B, Maryland

This woman -- this woman -- we just LOVE this woman! I first saw Nellie at the Celebration Center in Virginia. Years later I became a minister and often thought of the influence Nellie had on my life. I invited her to Oklahoma and to my church where she gave numerous workshops, Sunday speaking, and a meditation service, as well as private sessions. We have had her visit us three times now. People seem literally transported following their sessions with Nellie. Since her year in India, she has taken on a humility that is inspiring and very thought provoking. She is moving to the max, sings like God itself, and is my friend! I recommend her highly for transformation and for fun! If anyone would like a reference, I'm your minister!
Rev. Shelley Heller,
United Life Spiritual Center, Oklahoma City, OK

When I went through a major crisis in my life, you were invaluable to me. Your understanding, support, and trust in me, gave me the strength that I needed to move forward and believe in my ability, and in my self.

I hope this is the kind of testimonial that will be helpful. If you need more detail, just let me know!

Wendy, Millersville, MD
I am MORE than happy to do this! :)

There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.
The 14th Dalai Lama

Nellie Lauth, M.S.W.